Worship and Serve Ministries is an outcropping of my preaching and teaching ministry in which I travel the continental United States as invited to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. My endeavor is to accurately and relationally present the Word of God in a manner which encourages immediate and ongoing action!

While in a particular city for 1-3 days for a crusade or series of teachings I like to visit the local Veteran’s Hospital or Rehabilitation Center to minister to those who risked all for my freedom.

We also provide Biblical counseling for couples and individuals to restore or improve relationships from a Biblical perspective. This is a fee-based service based on your ability to pay and may be rendered in person, over the telephone, instant message, or via video conference.

This blog is directed at those who want to get real about what the Bible says, what the Bible means, what impact does that meaning have upon our lives?  Who is Jesus?  What is Jesus?  How is Jesus?  We unpack the Holy Scriptures in such a way that you and I can mutually understand and apply them in our lives.  This blog is in your face, my face, and as such; it is intended to direct all of us toward the cross.  I encourage your comments and I encourage you to tell your friends and family to check this site out.  Check back often and watch us grow!

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