How to “Find God.”

July 19, 2009

This is in response to a dear Christian expressing to me that they could not seem to get into or understand the Bible and that I was “awesome.” I responded:

“I’m really not at all awesome. However; the fact is, God promises to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. “Seek” means to search hard for, to relentlessly pursue. How hard and long and hard would you seek one of your children who was lost? THAT is how hard you must seek Christ.

The difference? He is not lost, we are.

The “map” to our hope is in His Word to us, the Bible. The explanation of what the map means is in our conversations with God. You talk to your closest friends a lot right? Talk with God a lot and you will be amazed how He will make Himself clear to you, and how much more the Bible will make sense to you.”

We need to seek God when we are healthy, and when we are well. We need to seek God when we are happy, and when we are sad. We need to seek God when we are motivated and when we are ambivalent toward Him. I am guilty of failing to follow hard after God when I don’t feel like it. We often avoid God when we are mired in sin, great or small… We attempt to, as Adam and Eve did, hide from our sin from God by hiding from God.

That does not work well. Follow and find.